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Treatment / Bridging The Gap Committee


Groups can host an AA commitment at a treatment center. This is a most humble and crucial commitment to Alcoholics Anonymous service. As your IGR to inquire about hosting a commitment or join us at the SEPIA Treatment Facilities & Bridging the Gap Committee meeting. Our meeting is held on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 pm on Zoom. Consult the Calendar for details. The committee welcomes input from all members of AA, if you want to volunteer please contact join us at our next meeting!

Intergroup Representatives: Please announce commitments at your Homegroup Meeting,
urge those with “good sobriety” to carry the message!

Upcoming Committee Meetings

Treatment Facility Schedules by Zone

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SEPIA Treatment Facilities Committee

In Southeastern Pennsylvania Intergroup Association (SEPIA’s) five-county area there are many opportunities to carry the Alcoholics Anonymous message to treatment facilities. Many among us first heard the message of hope and recovery as a patient in these facilities; Through the commitment to service, AA’s know “to keep it, we must give it away” and experience the indescribable joy that comes when one Alcoholic connects with another Alcoholic sharing the message of recovery.

Bridging the Gap

The Bridging the Gap program needs temporary liaisons! This role involves escorting newcomers to AA meetings, to introduce them to our way of life. Details about this service commitment are:

  • Bridging the Gap is a 12 Step commitment where we welcome alcoholic patients or prisoners into AA. We do this only when they request it. The BtG Liaison commits to take the newcomer to 6 AA meetings and introduce them to the Alcoholics Anonymous community. BtG Liaisons escort the new members to Discussion, Big Book, Speaker, Beginner, Step, and other meetings to help them learn about our fellowship. Just as importantly, the new member builds a network of contacts and acquaintances in AA, and learns the value of sponsorship. As many AA connections as possible are made over the course of the 6 meetings, at which point the process is completed. It is not an ongoing relationship. Bridging the Gap offers these newcomers the best possible welcome into the AA community that we can give.
  • AAs who participate should have 1 year of continuous sobriety.
  • An AA’s commitment to the BtG program is a minimum of 1-year and can last long beyond that.
  • We match newcomers with AA’s of the same gender.
  • In keeping with our singleness of purpose, we escort people to AA meetings only. Other 12 Step Fellowships are not part of the AA program.
  • This type of12th Step work is strongly recommended to be done by pairs of AAs. Two voices are heard this way and it increases the safety factor for all.
  • We are ever mindful of safety, BtG Liaisons will not have to go into facilities you consider medically unsafe.
  • Face to Face meetings are best, but Zoom meetings keep people sober when in-person meetings are not feasible.
  • Bridging the Gap volunteers are encouraged to attend workshops for questions and training as well as ongoing support.


Volunteer to be a Bridging the Gap Liaison HERE

Questions? Leave us a message and a member of the committee will get back to you promptly!