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Did you ever wonder who answers the phones when the Intergroup office is closed? Interphones does.

If you feel like volunteering for 12th step work, but don't want to leave the house, Interphones is a great way to get into service.

If you have at least one year of continuous sobriety, you can help carry the A.A. message at a certain time each week. Callers will not be given your phone number. Interphones Committee meets on the last Wednesday of even months at 7:00pm.

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There is a new committee forming under the Interphones banner. It’s called HUSSHH which stands for Helping Unite Sick, Shut-in, Hospitalized and Home-bound.

This is where we find a new place to perform 12 Step work. We can carry a message to someone who has 20, 35 or more years of experience in this process but who, because of health problems, is no longer able to get about. Here is our chance to give back to those who so willingly gave before us. Here is a chance to not only carry the message to a fellow AA, but to also receive someone’s experience in this program.

What we do is take a meeting to an individual who is hospitalized or home-bound. Since we don’t carry this message alone, we take at least one other person with us and we have a meeting with them. If they’re able to travel, we can provide transportation to one.

HUSSHH sign-up flyer

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