AA Preamble with the Philly Skyline

The A.A. Preamble has been updated for the third time since being published in its modern form in the Grapevine in 1947. From the July, 2021 issue of the Grapevine:

After two years of discussion by the Fellowship, and after much thoughtful deliberation at the 2021 General Service Conference, the AA Preamble has been updated. The new version can be seen on the inside cover of [the Grapevine].

The words "men and women" have been updated to be "people", continuing A.A.'s spirit of inclusion of all who have the desire to stop drinking. A version of the A.A. Preamble set against the Philadelphia skyline can be downloaded for print and use in meetings here.

Download the A.A. Preamble Printable Flyer