Our five-county area is opening up again and new life is coming forth in nature. What a colorful time of year!

SEPIA's May issue features Round-Up merchandise for sale. We have tee-shirts, pullovers and hoodies to commemorate the 2021 event. Also in this issue, in honor of Mother's Day, two sober moms share their experience, strength and hope; SEPIA's search for a graphic artist; Public Information Committee's request for meeting room photos; along with humor, puzzles and so much more!

NEXT Month -- we are looking for some dads or pop-pops to share their story in honor of Father's Day in June.

SEPIA is always looking for members to share their experiences for publication in upcoming Interviews issues. If you would like to write a short article about your experience with a Step, Tradition, meeting or A.A. event, please contact the office for more details.

It is a great opportunity for doing service from your home!

Newcomers and long-timers alike are welcome to participate. We look forward to hearing from you.