General Announcements

Alcoholics Anonymous World Services

Highlights from the A.A. World Services Board meeting held on June 25, 2021.

• June 25, 2021

A.A.W.S. Highlights June, 2021

Update to the Preamble: A Fellowship of People

July 1, 2021

The A.A. Preamble has been updated for the third time since being published in its modern form in the Grapevine in 1947. From the July, 2021 issue of the Grapevine : After two years ...

Box 459 Summer2021

News and Notes from the General Service Office of A.A.

• Summer 2021

Box 459 Summer 2021

Class A Trustee Vacancies

Positions available starting in April 2022. See the notice for more details.

June 2, 2020

View Letter and Procedures for Election

Grapevine Announcement

Vacancy - Publisher, Grapevine, Inc.

• May 2021

The AA Grapevine, Inc. has begun the search for a new Publisher as Albin Z. retired in April 2021. We thank Albin for his years of service to the A.A. Fellowship. Consistent with our establish...

Box 459 Spring 2021

News and Notes from the General Service Office of A.A.

• Spring 2021

Due to the pandemic, the 26th World Service Meeting was held virtually in November of 2020 with the participation of 69 delegates from 44 countries, zones and service structures around the wor...

Regional Forum Video

Alcoholics Anonymous now has the Regional Forums video available on and the A.A.W.S. YouTube channel.

• April 2021

A.A. 26th World Service Final Report

The Purpose Of Our Service: Sobriety within Everyone's Reach

• November 28-30, 2020 (Online)

A.A. World Service Meeting Final Report

GSO Quarterly Report

Activities of the General Service Board including A.A. World Services, Inc., A.A. Grapevine, Inc.

• January 2021

General Service Office

Letter from our General Manager

Oct. 2, 2020

$1.5 Million Drawdown