The Charlotte, North Carolina Steering Committee is moving forward with the planning of the 57th IWC during this COVID-19 pandemic. We are hopeful that by February 2021, we will be able to gather together once again for our recovery. The IWC is accepting your registrations for all aspects of the conference and the Westin Hotel is also accepting reservations.  If the conference is canceled due to COVID-19, all registration money will be refunded. Let’s hold on to the HOPE we have received in recovery and stay safe and sober during these trying times. 


As with life, everything planned is subject to change. But, we are confident it will be equally as fabulous and invigorating!

A complete schedule will be available closer to the conference date.

In 1965, Bernadette O’K and other AA women in Kansas City held a conference just for women in AA. The conference became known as the National AA Women’s Conference. International Women's Conference

The conference became known as the National AA Women’s Conference. This forum aimed to provide:

  • Sharing of experiences common to women alcoholics
  • Discussion of problems of particular interest to all women AA members.
  • Opportunities to hear AA women speakers from many areas.

Forty-five members attended our first conference in Kansas City. The reception was so enthusiastic that plans were laid to create an annual women’s AA conference. February was chosen as conference month to commemorate Bernadette’s AA anniversary, and because it is traditionally the month of love. It also seemed like a welcome break from the winter doldrums. Kansas City held five more conferences. Other cities then began asking to host one. After Bernadette’s death, the International AA Women’s Conference traveled around the country.

The International Women’s Conference is the bridge to a better understanding of the Alcoholics Anonymous philosophy and way of life because of our special needs in sobriety as women. We as women members of Alcoholic Anonymous are survivors. We have found a way to obtain meaning, depth and responsibility in our lives. This came about out of desire, decision, determination and spiritual guidance. An elevated sense of belonging that is brought about by the special services and a special need provided by our Women’s Conference is our goal.